How can I access my server?

Should you need to access your site's files, you can do so by using any FTP client and the credentials we have provided you with in the site manager. You can access both your live and staging sites' files.

sFTP only

The only way to connect to your server at FalconStack is by using sFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). As its name suggests, the reason for this is that sFTP adds a layer of security to the process. It uses SSH (Secure Shell) encryption to protect your data whenever it is transferred, this way it isn't exposed to anyone else than you.

Finding my credentials

To connect to a specific site, go to your site manager and click the Overview tab if not open by default.

Use these credentials in your FTP client to be able to manage your files. 

I can't connect to my server

Should you have any issues connecting to your server, please get in touch with us.