Does FalconStack provide a CDN?

Although FalconStack does not set up a CDN for your site by default, if you are targeting visitors from across the world and wish to use one, we will help you with this.

I want to use a CDN

If you're interested in using a CDN for your site, there are several options:

  • You can set up a CDN like Cloudflare by going to their platform and subscribing to one of their plans. You will need to make a few DNS changes and there's nothing required on our side (note that we can help you with this if you need it).
  • You can ask us to set up a CDN for you at the server level. This will usually give slightly better performance as there is no third party involved, which results in less overhead. You also won't need to make any changes to your DNS records.
      • Note that we might charge a small additional fee (less likely).

Get in touch if you need help

If the above sounds good to you, feel free to reach us, we'll help you choose and set up the best CDN.